Obsessed with Food: The Green Sauce

My best friend, Holly, just moved to Indonesia. In the months leading up to her move, she came over to my house a few times after church for lunch. One of those times was right after I received “Back to the Kitchen” by Freddie Prinze Jr. While she read through the cute stories associated with each recipe, I made lemon chicken with spicy seasoning and “The Green Sauce,” from page fifteen.

Freddie Prinze Jr. and I differ in that he grew up in New Mexico and I grew up in San Antonio, Tx. These may be two very different places, but they’re also quite similar too. For example, they are both heavily influenced by Spanish culture. Therefore, neither place is afraid to spice it up in the kitchen. To my delight, Freddie seems to love the spice of life too, because he adds peppers and powders to nearly ever dish! While I love spicy food, Holly will tolerate it. When she and I had the green sauce on our chicken, she seemed to really like it and I loved it. It’s got this great balance of buttery and spicy all in one bite! ❤️ 4/5 stars from me! 😁

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